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Commitment to sustainability

Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges

Denner UK is part of the Austrian based Denner Group and specialises in the collection and remanufacturing of printer cartridges, with over 30 years of experience in the market.
We produce the highest quality remanufactured printer cartridges, using the most stringent quality controls, combined with bespoke equipment and market-leading R&D and technology.

Premium ink solutions

Where quality meets sustainability.

Our remanufactured inkjet cartridges meet the highest standards while also  being environmentally friendly.

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Highest Quality

Our remanufactured inkjet cartridges are produced to the highest standards and under strict quality standards, making them a great cost-effective alternative to the original. All made in Europe.

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Remanufactured cartridges are the most environmentally friendly choice for your printer, as reusing an inkjet cartridge saves on average 2.5kg of CO2 when compared to the production of a new one.

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Key Benefits

With the highest-quality prints and a page yield that is either equal to or greater than the original, the significantly lower cost makes our remanufactured cartridges the perfect choice.

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Our comprehensive collection programmes and pan-European Waste Carrier Licence, ensures all cross-border waste is handled according to the latest waste legislation.

inkjet remanufacturer since 1992

What we offer.

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Our Highlights

Comprehensive range of high quality, remanufactured inkjet cartridges - made to unique customer specifications.
Own brand for all major models of inkjet cartridges on request.
Significant cost savings to customers, for the highest quality alternative cartridges to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
Pan-European empty inkjet cartridge recycling programmes.
Up-to-date inkjet cartridge compatibility guide, for customer and staff assistance.
Cost effective and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.
Full choice of retail or mail order customer specific packaging for our customers.
Comprehensive, multi-language, customer support website: www.inkjethelp.com
Expertise & technical skills

100% fully traceable

Quality Assurance

We are a quality focused facility, with 100% traceability throughout our remanufacturing process.

This includes everything from the specific ink batch, to each machine, as well as the individual staff members involved in the process.

Why Choose Us?

With over 30 years' experience in the inkjet remanufacturing industry, our expertise, technical capabilities and empty cartridge take-back programmes make us the perfect choice for customers looking to source environmentally friendly products. Together with our parent company, Denner Group, we offer a unique and unrivalled 360° empty cartridge cycle. Find out more.

The green way

Remanufacturing Process of an inkjet cartridge

Our contribution to a sustainable circular economy.

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The empty inkjet cartridges are collected via our comprehensive pan-European recycling programmes.

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Incoming empty cartridges are visually inspected, graded and sorted.

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Cartridge production batches are created.

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Cartridges that pass our thorough inspections are then flushed and refilled with our own in-house ink via our stringent remanufacturing process.

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All printhead cartridges undergo a full-page print test to ensure the highest quality output.

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Quality level achieved -> Cartridges packaged and shipped to customers.

Quality level not reached -> cartridges are broken down into their components at the HQ in Austria and returned to the material cycle. Find out more in our short video.

EBP employee testing inkjet cartridges
Denner UK Ltd.

Our unique proposition

Discover our distinctive blend of expertise, sustainability & unrivalled customer support that sets us apart in the inkjet remanufacturing industry.

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Our revolutionary TAP Recycling scheme is just one example of our comprehensive empty inkjet cartridge recycling programmes and is completely cost-free for our partners.  This specific programme helps us to target the key empty inkjet cartridges that are needed in order to fulfil our customer requirements.

Quality Patch

Highest Quality

An independent Bureau Veritas report found that 8 out of 10 of DUK’s remanufactured inkjet cartridges outperformed the OEM when undergoing stringent quality tests, and the other two were equal to their original counterparts.

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Customer Support

We provide the highest standard of customer support to all of our pan-European customers, and pride ourselves in our fast and effective ‘response and resolution’ time.

WHo We are

Leaders in sustainable inkjet solutions

Denner UK benefits from foundations of over 30 years’ industry experience in the collection and remanufacturing of inkjet cartridges.  With the backing of the Denner Group, the London business has been re-optimised to focus not only on efficiency gains but also on innovation and sustainability to ensure long-term competitiveness. Specialising in the supply of high quality, private-label inkjet cartridges for leading UK and European high-street and online retailers, as well as major office supplies resellers, the North West remanufacturing facility includes the factory, the empty cartridge collection and processing centre, the distribution centre and the head office. Denner UK remains committed to innovating within the remanufacturing sector, strengthening our market position through sustainability and efficiency, helping to ensure the long-term stability of the entire Group.

Denner UK Logo
Denner UK Logo (white)

one step ahead

As a UK business, we pride ourselves in being a London based manufacturer, supplying to both UK and European customers, even in the post-Brexit commercial world that we live in. Being a company whose focus from the outset has been on providing a cost-effective, low carbon footprint, environmentally friendly solution to this commodity product, we strive every day to bring this message to our customers, and never has there been a better time to shout it loud and proud!

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